The Gulf Environment & Waste FZE is the only MARPOL approved waste receiving & recycling facility in UAE. We provide our commercial, industrial and local authorities & customers with sustainable recycling and waste services to minimize their impact on the environment, turn waste into energy. (Learn more)

We follow 10 years regional project on the implementation of MARPOL, organized and administrated by ROMPE/MEMAC. (Learn more)

With support from IMO’s integrated Technical cooperation program, all States in the “Gulf Area” have ratified MARPOL and provide adequate reception and treatment facilities for Annex I & V ship-generated waste in sea ports, terminals and dry-docks in the sea area.

Annex-I covers pollution by oil from ships and Annex V covers pollution by garbage from ships.

The "Gulf area" was established as a Special Area in 1973, when MARPOL was adopted, but discharge requirements therein could not take effect until States in the area had ratified the Convention and provided adequate reception facilities.

UAE is the one of the members of MEMAC. Our company provides the services in accordancewith regulations of all conventions of the World and Gulf countries. (Learn more)


Our never-ending mission – to protect the environment

by collecting/transporting/recycling/recovering of waste without pollution of the environment and thus convert "waste to reusable energy” and save the marine life & environment.


Nowadays we live in the era of consumption. The nature of human beings shows that they always want more from life and everything that surrounds them, this process is irreversible and it also strengthens with time. So if we get more products of different types it is obvious that we get more waste as well. The main questions that stands out is where should the waste be used or how to recycle it? The idea of recycling things is not new but to be honest it was a great idea. Different waste services help to get rid of useless things, protect the environment and also, speaking globally, save the planet. Recycling could be explained quite easily. The process of giving a new life to things/items/goods that have already been in use but are not required any more. If you do not need something you can not simply through it out and forget about that, you can recycle it. This way you will not only help waste service but show your caring attitude to the natural resources and habitat.


There are three main groups of products that are given for recycling the most: glass, paper and different variations of plastic. You can easily find the big boxes for litter in the streets and each box has its own color and signatures, so it is not a challenge to choose the correct one. The abovementioned goods are not dangerous for humans’ lives but speaking about nature the huge amounts of such waste might negatively influence of the natural resources. The oil waste is one of the most harmful to the environment. Tank washing is a specific operation and it should be provided in a special area by specialists. The waste management is working on these questions and helps organizing various wastes to the groups to recycle them separately with the lowest harm for the habitat.


A great number of chemical cargoes is transported daily by sea all over the world for the global trade. The percent of pollution caused by each vessel is difficult to count but the tank washing for each of the carrier is the helpful thing in environmental protection. To be mentioned that the set of waste from such cargoes usually differs from each delivery as the products changes too quickly and each time it is something new. Specialists that are dealing with saving natural resources and protecting environment say that tank wasting is an essential task for product and chemical tankers. Lately the quality of requirements for transportation goods and discharging waste is getting higher and the rules become stricter. All these methods and modifying technologies have good influence on the state of natural resources and habitat. According to the latest researches, such high standards in requirements cause the better cleanliness of the tanks and cargos.


An essential part in this sphere also takes waste services. These companies usually specialize on all types of waste and provide collecting, transferring and recycling for residential, commercial and industrial customers. Similar organizations help companies get rid of useless waste, help in saving environmental and also participate in manufacturing goods from the used before.